Feedsack Pants

I'm not sure what this has to do with chenille but I make them and here they are. Feedsack pants, it just popped into my head one day.

I've been making more feedsack pants but since it's so hard to find two vintage feedsacks in good condition I have been using reproduction feedbags for the feedsack pants. The feedsack pants are pretty much one size fits all with adjustable elastic in the waist band. All the pants have side seam pockets. These are so much fun to wear and so comfortable you won't believe it.

All are clam digger length. These feedsack pants are made with extra elastic to either pull on to decrease the waist size or snip the threads and it increases the waist size. They will easily fit up to a size 16 but look great on a size 8 or 10. These feedsack pants are priced at 40.00 each. They are all cotton and are sure to turn eyes. They are so comfortable you won't believe it. I just had a very nice lady buy a pair of them and her comment after she wore them was. They are soooo comfortable you can eat anything. I don't have a regular distributor for these bags and when they are gone, they are gone so buy them now. These reproduction bags were old stock of a craft person.

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