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I'm taking payment by mail only, personal check is fine.  If you have a problem with this than please don't have me get an order ready for you as I only take payment by mail.  NO PAYPAL!!!  You don't know me and I don't know you but I'm a trusting person and if you need references from other sellers I will be happy to supply them.  Most of the gals out there in the chenille world know me or know of me and know I'm an honest reliable person.  I don't wait for checks to clear, I ship immediately that day or the next at the latest.  I always take returns if you feel the item isn't as represented.  My first name is Anne, not Annie, the E is silent.  It's a childhood thing, I don't like to be called Annie. 

I prefer to be contacted by email at I check my emails a few times a day so I will get your message. If you feel you have to call me I'm on EASTERN standard time and usually can take calls after 9 am and before 6 pm EASTERN TIME I need some time for myself.

Apparently I have to clarify this, California is Pacific time and when it's 3 pm there, it's 6 pm here, forget calling till the next day. Mountain time, if it's 4pm there it's too late to call me, central time at 5 pm it's too late to call me. If you can't figure out what time zone you live in keep it safe and call me at noon. I'll have to take my phone # out of here for keeps if I keep getting calls after 6 pm EASTERN standard time. I try to be available for one on one but I'm getting my buttons pushed and I'm too old to have buttons pushed, I push back.

This is my cell # 727-505-2415 not a shop which I vacate at night. PLEASE, if your emailing and you don't get a reply, check your spam filter for my message, I always respond. If you don't find an answer feel free to call me as sometimes I do get emails back that aren't deliverable. I will hold an item for you but only after I verify that you mean it, if I don't get an answer back from my email in an appropriate time, the next person will get it. I'm saying this as I just held one robe for a lady for 3 days who said she wanted it through an email. I responded twice but she didn't. The lady in waiting is getting it. I know I have an archaic system of check out but I'm a little archaic also. If you want to be sure, call me on the phone (DURING MY OPEN HOURS, NOTED ABOVE). I will hold it if I'm sure you want it till payment arrives in a timely manner.

I have a wide variety of vintage cotton chenille bedspreads for sale and am constantly buying more so if you don't see what your looking for please feel free to ask if I may have it. 

All the handmade items listed for sale are made from vintage cotton chenille bedspreads, unless otherwise stated. As the material is used there could be some imperfections so please be aware of this and contact me if you have questions I haven’t covered in my description.

Each item shown is one of a kind, hand cut out by myself and sewn by myself. I have been known to spend hours, even days designing the finished product with what I had to work with. I’ve sold many of these items and given some as gifts and haven’t had a dissatisfied customer. Currently I am making robes,  jackets, and quilts.  

If you have read this far then please don't stop now. I dance to my own drummer, I'm 71 years old and when you have been around this long you don't take orders from anyone. There are a lot of things I can do but I'm getting a little old to do them all so what you see here is what I have for now. You can ask or make a request but demands are not accepted. One not so little old lady can only do so much.

If you are interested in ordering any products found on my site, please visit the second menu tab "Contact Info & Ordering".