Baby Chenille Bedspreads > Pink puppies, pigs ? baby chenille blanket
Pink puppies, pigs ? baby chenille blanket

Price: $25.00
Prod. Code: bspread4

My grandson and I are having a hard time coming to agreement on what these little pink animals are.  He's six and says there is no such thing as a pink puppy so he's sticking with pigs.  It measures 40" x 64" and has a couple of issues but I didn't have the heart to cut it.   There is a small hole down a couple of inches from the top I will stitch up as it's not bad.  On the top left corner there is 3" of roughness with about 1/2" loss of pink border.  Other than that is so cute.  If it doesn't sell you might see it as a baby wrap soon.   Backing and chenille is off white, more of a gray tinge.

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