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Large 85" x 64" pastel colored chenille quilt

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I had some beautiful handmade pieces of a bedspread and had tried last year to make a throw out of them but was never happy with the layout. I had framed the pieces with pink chenille and had then bagged them and put them away. I got them out again and cut another whole batch of squares to go with them and was very happy with the combination. It was too big for a throw and too small for a quilt so I cut some more and finally got to a size I was happy with. I used all top quality chenille in this quilt, MJ rosebuds in white, pink, purple, etc. It looks just like springtime and measures 85" by 64". The backing is a Morgan Jones dot spread that was also in wonderful condition but it had a slightly yellow stain which didn't come out so I used it for the backing. It has natural cotton batting and is tied in every corner so it won't shift. This one sure was a labor of love.  5.09 lbs

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