Twin Size Bedspreads > Colorful handmade twin size early chenille bedspread
Colorful handmade twin size early chenille bedspread

Price: $45.00
Prod. Code: T13

This is a multi colored hand made spread in a single size. It's unusual for so many colors in one spread. It measures 72" x 90". It's not perfect but close. It has one very small repair I almost missed and is not noticeable. There are a couple of light stains which I missed when treating it before washing that would probably come out but also aren't bad. On the back on one side it almost looks like someone ran over it with a tire, black type stains but mostly they don't show through to the front and it's on the plain drop down. The flowers, and there are a lot of them, measure about 7" across. It would make a great cutter but also looks adorable on a bed. Priced at 45.00 2.10 LBS

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