Vintage Chenille Bedspreads

This site is a little different  than my last site.  A new window doesn't open, you have to back up rather than close out the window.  Click on the photos to see the description then click on the inside photo for it to enlarge.  Usually there are at least 2 pictures so you will see a little arrow to click on to see the other picture.

Most of the spreads are pictured on a king size bed but most are full size and some will work on queen size with a bed skirt.  The single, twin size are listed on another page.

I have many early and vintage chenille bedspreads including Cabin Crafts, Bates, Morgan Jones, Hofmann, Fieldcrest  and others in stock so if your looking for a special cotton vintage chenille bedspread please contact me if you don't see it. I'm constantly buying more and will be adding more at regular intervals. I look for quality spreads to add all the time. I'm limited to few pictures of each spread so if you need more just ask.   I don't offer damaged or repaired spreads on these pages unless it is very minor, I either call them cutters or cut them myself for robes and other things. 

If you have dealt with other sellers and you were less than pleased with what you got compared to the description, I know where you are coming from. I examine my spreads very closely and feel I do a pretty good job of describing them. If I say there is one hole, you aren't going to get it and find 15 holes. Anything I accidentally misrepresent is fully returnable and those are few and far between. I hold my bedspreads to the light and examine them from the back looking for any imperfections. Things you don't see from the front become apparent from the back with light behind it.

Any questions please feel free to contact me. My contact information is on the left side bar.

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