Vintage look Robes

All the robes  you see  on this page will  be my vintage style robes as I've had a great demand for them. All are modeled by my granddaughter who stands 5' 8" tall and is a size 2 or my stationary model set at about 5' 8" tall.    These will fit up to about a size 10 or 12 but inquire if your not sure. I hem them your length for free. If I have to cut off material, the robe won't be returnable. They can only be hemmed up a couple of inches without having to cut them so if your not sure you will love it or it will fit you properly, don't have me cut it and hem it. The skirts are A line so it's too heavy at the bottom with more than a couple of inches. Hem them when you get them if you think you might have to return it. I'm happy to take returns if it isn't altered.  Most have sewn on belts but a few have sewn in belts, no loose belts to drag or lose.  There are  2 pockets unless noted, either side seam or outside slash, additional material in the inside of the sleeve to let them out if needed or roll them up.  None of these are currently hemmed.